Of Beliefs & Expectations

How often is the case when we come across individuals in our life that are otherwise bright and capable but are underperforming? And since they are underperforming we don’t view them as bright and capable? How often do we care to pause and think what might be the reason behind so? As it turns out, most often, in addition to being not satisfied, they also lack the motivation and as a result appear disengaged.

As one might think, what can one do to light a fire under them? It helps to see what has led them to this situation in the first place? What are our beliefs about them? How are we treating them? What are their beliefs about themselves? And how do they act as a result?

As counter-intuitive it might seem, the secret to achieving satisfaction is to do something meaningful and worthwhile. Nothing makes those motivational juices flowing as setting challenging (precise) goals and achieving them.

Belief leads to action and vice versa. Do we or they “believe” that they can achieve challenging goals? There is no denying the fact that our beliefs about them influence their own beliefs through our treatmeant and actions. And having wrong beliefs lead to poor performance.

When the emphasis is on gaining something, rather than preventing something, positive expectations (yours or theirs) lead to better performance. On the contrary, when the emphasis is opposite, doubt (yours or theirs) lead to better performance. So it’s very important to guage the focus of the goal and form beliefs or expectations accordingly.


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